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Taylor X-925L/XH-925L

  • X925L
  • X925L

Taylor has been designing and manufacturing Container Handlers since 1966. We are currently manufacturing our 7th generation of innovative, industry leading container handling equipment. 50 years of loaded and empty container handling experience. We offer several applications and industry-specific modifications & attachments for the Stevedoring, Intermodal and Port operations industries.

Features include: Taylor Made Spreader, Wide stance drive axle, End User Diagnostics, Joystick Controls, Heavy Duty Lift Chains, Enclosed All-Steel Operator Cab, Super Heavy Duty Hydraulic and Engine Cooling System, Heaviest built steer axle in the industry and standard LED lights.


Capacity 42000 kg
Load Centre 1200 mm
Power Unit Diesel
Engine Manufacturer Volvo Penta
Engine Model TAD 1371VE
Maximum Rated Output 285 kw
Rated RPM 1900
Number Cylinders / Discplacement 6 / 12.8 litre
Transmission Automatic – 4 speed
Wheel Base 5715 mm (225 inches)

ENGINE: Volvo PentaTAD1371VE Tier 4F Final electronic, turbocharged, charged air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Rated power of 388-hp (285 kW) at 1900 RPM.

(TICS) Taylor Integrated Control System: A sophisticated & end-user diagnostics system with 7in touch-screen display mounted into the instrument panel.

Transmission: The four-speed, electronic, fully reversing, modulated, powershift transmission has declutch with brakes behind the declutch feature and an electric joystick push button control. The filler pipe dipstick and large, heavy-duty, oil filter are easily accessible. Separate coolant-to-oil cooler. The integrally built torque convertor has constant-mesh gear sets actuated by hydraulic clutch packs.

Drive Axle: The heavy-duty planetary type drive axle housing is bolted to the frame. Hypoid ring gear and pinion with differential gearing.

Steer Axle: The single hydraulic cylinder design steer axle, with heavy-duty links from the cylinder ram directly to tapered roller bearing mounted spindles, has tapered wheel and kingpin bearings. All joints are sealed, can be lubricated, and never need adjusting.

Hydraulic System: The large capacity hydraulic tank has a spin-on tank breather, dual wire-mesh strainers, and a full-flow 10-micron return-line filter with a replaceable element in the tank. The filter condition indicator is mounted on the instrument panel. The tank refill capacity is 195 gallons (738 L). The gear-type pumps are converter driven. Control valves are separate, stacked, spool-type. The tilt-lock valve prevents mast drift and torsional stress. The self-aligning, bearing-mounted, lift cylinders have chrome plated rods and self-adjusting packing. The control levers are conveniently located. The valves are controlled with hydraulic remotes.

Brand: Taylor
Series: Loaded Container Handler
Condition: New
Type: Loaded Container Handler
Fuel: Diesel
Load Centre: 1200 mm

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