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Jungheinrich EZS 350

  • EZS-350
  • EZS-350

Offering versatility and ergonomics, the Jungheinrich EZS 350 Tow Tractor has the ability to hitch several trailers together providing added flexibility in most material handling operations.  The forklift’s high performance is due to the AC drive motor which provides powerful acceleration and high travel speeds with significant energy efficiency, longer operating times and low maintenance.  The primary ergonomic features are the low stand-on platform for frequent mounting and dismounting and the short distance from the operator platform to the load.  The lift truck’s JetPilot steering wheel, supportive backrest and automatic speed reduction system, Curve Control, all provide comfort, control and stability.


Capacity 3200 kg
Power Unit Battery Electric
Voltage 24 volt
Battery Capacity 465 – 620  a/h


Innovative AC technology

Jungheinrich AC motors provide increased efficiency and reduced operating costs.
  • Outstanding efficiency due to excellent energy management.
  • Powerful forklift acceleration.
  • Quick directional changes without hesitation.
  • No carbon brushes to replace–for a nearly maintenance-free drive motor.
  • 2 year warranty on drive motor.
Controlled travel
SpeedControl, an impulse controller, and Curve Control, for automatic speed reduction when turning, work together to facilitate controlled, smooth travel and provide adjustable drive characteristics for every application.
  • The requested travel speed is maintained in every travel situation–on both upward / downward grades.
  • 3 pre-set, adjustable travel programs allow for adjustment to suit any application.
  • Regenerative braking with energy reclamation during deceleration.
  • Programmable Curve Control ensures the tow tractor always remains under control.
Enhanced lift truck ergonomics
  • Suspended, stand-on lift truck platform with low step height for frequent mounting and dismounting.
  • Padded backrest with grab handle and kneepad in operator compartment.
  • Short travel distance for the operator from the driving position to the hitch or load.
  • The tow hitch can be seen from every position and is easily accessible.
  • Electric steering and programmable Curve Control with JetPilot steering wheel.
  • Solid-pneumatic load wheels provide smoother lift truck travel and reduced vibrations.
Rugged construction for the toughest applications
  • Forklift chassis made of high-quality 0.31 inch thick steel plate.
  • Extra high bumper on front chassis protects the motor compartment from possible impact damage.
Long operating times
Energy-saving AC technology combined with battery capacities up to 750 Ah provide long operating times.
Well informed at any time
  • Three-color LED battery discharge indicator as standard or optional “CanDis” information display with 10-bar visual charge indicator, hour-meter and service code display.
  • Optional “CanCode” keypad allows for secure truck activation via PIN and includes 3 pre-set travel programs.
  • When combined, CanDis and CanCode allow for quick adjustment of the forklift speed, acceleration and motor brake parameters without a laptop.
Available lift truck options
The tow tractor can be equipped with several options to meet the specific needs of various applications, including:
  • Forward / reverse pedestrian touch control.
  • Rubber or steel tow tractor bumper.
  • Extended backrest with flip-down seat (adjustable to 3 different height positions).
  • Reversing alarm.
  • Traction and non-marking drive wheels.
  • Backrest-mounted strobe light.
  • Front working light.


Brand: Jungheinrich
Series: Tow Tractor
Condition: New
Type: Tow Tractors
Fuel: Electric
Load Centre: N/A

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