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Jungheinrich ETV 110-112-114-116

  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-E
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  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-S
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-E
  • ETV-110-G

Space-saving construction, 3-phase AC technology and a spacious and ergonomic operator compartment are the strengths of the Jungheinrich ETV 110-112-114-116 Series of Reach Trucks.  With its slim support arms, the Jungheinrich ETV 110-112-114-116 reach trucks allow for more space through narrow working aisles, creating more room during operation.  Overall, these reach trucks provide the best solution for cost-effective stacking and retrieval at high lift heights and in confined spaces.  Be it during the handling of pallets in narrow or low areas or single or multi-shift applications, these lift trucks can be customized for a variety of applications.


Capacity 1400 – 2000 kg
Load Centre 600mm
Power Unit Battery Electric
Voltage 48 volt
Battery Capacity 465 – 775 a/h
Drive Motor 6.9 kw (S2-60 min rate)
Hydraulic Lift Motor 10.0 kw (S3-15% rate)



5000mm – 9000mm Lift Heights
Battery Rollers
Panoramic Mirrors
Wireless Camera
High-performance reach truck mast
Jungheinrich masts provide maximum space utilization at high lift heights.
  • Excellent visibility towards the load.
  • Patented mast-reach cushioning, with travel speed automatically reduced to crawl speed if the load is raised above the free-lift height.
  • Integrated sideshift.
  • Low collapsed heights combined with high lift heights.
  • Choice of mast tilt or fork tilt above certain lift heights.
  • Extremely long lifespan due to high-quality mast profiles.
  • High residual capacity at high lift heights.
  • Lift heights up to 23 feet.
Ergonomic operator compartment
The reach truck's operator compartment provides ideal working conditions for high performance and ease of operation.
  • Comfortable seat with adjustment options (seat position, backrest, body weight) for every operator.
  • Several storage areas.
  • Important operating controls are easily accessible.
  • Generous space available in compartment.
  • 3-phase AC steering (180º/360º) with optimum steering wheel position.
  • Automatic positioning of sideshift (center position) at the touch of a button (optional).
  • Automatic horizontal positioning of forks (with fork tilt) at the touch of a button (optional).
Operator display
The reach truck's high-quality control panel displaying the most important operating data.
  • Travel direction and wheel position display.
  • 180º/360º steering mode.
  • Battery state-of-charge with residual running time display.
  • Three adjustable travel programs to suit every application.
  • Operating hours and clock.
  • Lift height (optional).
  • Center position sideshift (optional).
Onboard computer (optional)
The reach truck's onboard computer combines several functions in one operating element that ensures economic performance and reliability during daily high-powered operations.
  • Large color screen (TFT-Display).
  • PIN access with user administration.
  • Speed display.
  • Input of height selection for faster stacking at high lift heights (optional).
  • Control monitor for video camera (optional).
Jungheinrich proprietary 3-phase AC technology
Designed with powerful 3-phase AC technology in drive, lift and steering motors, the ETV 1 series of reach trucks offers several advantages over traditional DC motors.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Quick directional changes without delay.
  • Greater operational availability due to maintenance-free motors without carbon brushes, brush springs or commutators.
  • Longer reach truck operating times due to energy reclamation during braking and lowering of the load (optional).
Brand: Jungheinrich
Condition: New
Type: Reach Trucks

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