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Jungheinrich ETM-ETV 318-320-325

  • ETV-320-01
  • ETV-320-02
  • ETV-320-03
  • ETV-320-04
  • ETV-320-05
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  • ETV-320-01
  • ETV-320-02
  • ETV-320-03
  • ETV-320-04
  • ETV-320-05
  • ETV-320-06
  • ETV-320-07
  • ETV-320-08
  • ETV-320-09
  • ETV-320-10
  • ETV-320-11
  • ETV-320-12
  • ETV-320-13

The Jungheinrich ETM-ETV 318-320-325 series of moving mast reach trucks offer the right solutions for a wide range of applications. The reach trucks come equipped with premium ergonomics and standard features that help increase operator confidence and improve productivity in your warehouse.


Capacity 1800 – 2500 kg
Load Centre 600mm
Power Unit Battery Electric
Voltage 48 volt
Battery Capacity 620 – 930 a/h
Drive Motor 6.9 kw (S2-60 min rate)
Hydraulic Lift Motor 14.0 kw (S3-15% rate)



12-24 Volt Scanner Power
4250mm – 13000mm Lift Heights
All Weather Cabin
Battery Rollers
Horizontal Fork Positioning
Lift Height Display
Rack Height Selection
Sideshift Centering
Weigh System
Jungheinrich's AC technology
  • Jungheinrich's 4th generation AC technology provides improved performance and energy efficiency.
  • Sealed motors, controllers and connectors provide for better durability especially when working in dusty or damp applications.
  • AC Electric Power Steering provide improved serviceability, performance and energy efficiencies.
  • AC motors lower maintenance costs by removing wear items commonly found in DC motors, such as contactors, brushes and springs.
Premium ergonomics
  • Full suspension fabric seat with fore/aft, backrest and weight adjustments.
  • Highly-adjustable operator compartment, which allows operators of various sizes to be comfortable and productive.
  • Ergonomic and intuitive operator controls
  • All drive and hydraulic functions are comfortably controlled by either the Multi-Pilot or Solo-Pilot control handles.
  • Low effort AC electric power steering.
  • LCD operator display.
  • Provides immediate feedback to both the operator and technician.
  • 360° steer direction indicator.
  • Battery discharge indicator.
  • Three performance modes which can be modified to suit any application.
  • Optional readouts such as lift height indicator and load weight display.
Robust and durable mast design
  • Outstanding residual capacities.
  • Excellent visibility both through and around the mast.
  • Patented and proprietary mast reach cushioning allows for an improvement in operational productivities.
  • Optional regenerative lowering can provide even more battery life, especially in those high lift applications.
Performance-enhancing options to meet your application
(availability depends on specific model)
  • "Drive Plus" option increases drive speeds up to 8.7 mph which can be especially beneficial for large warehouse applications.
  • "Lift Plus" option increases lift speeds which can be especially beneficial for high lift applications.
  • Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) option for controlled acceleration on smooth or wet surfaces.
  • A wide range of lift and lower limit options.


Brand: Jungheinrich
Series: Sit-Down Reach Truck
Condition: New
Type: Reach Trucks
Fuel: Electric
Load Centre: 600 mm

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