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Jungheinrich EFX 410-413

  • EF-410-E-1
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  • EF-410-E-1
  • EF-410-E-2
  • EF-410-E-3
  • EF-410-E-4

The Jungheinrich EFX 410-413 series of turret trucks, featuring lift heights up to 23 feet and a maximum capacity up to 2,750 lbs., are designed to provide maximum versatility in very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses. These turret trucks, the only series of its kind offered in North America, can be used with wire or rail guidance, increasing productivity and combining applications in very narrow aisles, wide aisles and staging areas. 

With several innovative features, the EFX turret truck defines state-of-the-art VNA technology, including:

  • The flexibility to be equipped with Jungheinrich’s optional Warehouse Navigation System, which features RFID technology to control guided Jungheinrich lift trucks within the aisles of a warehouse — increasing throughput rates by up to 25%
  • Increased efficiency from the operator’s ability to work on both sides of the aisle, giving them full-pallet deposit and retrieval capabilities
  • Jungheinrich’s 3-phase AC drive technology, which provides increased performance with low energy consumption
  • Optimum visibility for an unobstructed view of the load, travel direction and racking
Capacity 1000 – 1250  kg
Load Centre 600mm
Power Unit Battery Electric
Voltage 48 volt
Battery Capacity 500 – 625 a/h
Drive Motor 6.9 kw (S2-60 min rate)
Hydraulic Lift Motor 9.5 kw (S3-15% rate)



3000mm – 7000mm Lift Heights
Additional Power Supply For Scanner Systems
Height Selection
Rail Guidance
Wire Guidance


There are a variety of optional packages and systems available, including RFID ground control and the Jungheinrich®warehouse navigation system. The EFX 410-413 man-up turret truck is available with optional transponder technology and warehouse navigation, which allows for maximum levels of productivity and security as lift truck performance can be tailored to the specific conditions of multiple areas within the warehouse.

Pioneering 3-phase technology
The EFX 410/413 series of turret trucks uses constant application of 3-phase AC technology for drive, lift and steering.The advantages are:
  • Lower energy consumption due to excellent efficiency in all motors.
  • Stepless speed control of hydraulic motor.
  • Optimal heat management allows for cooler operating temperatures.
  • High torque for dynamic movement.
  • Reduced forklift maintenance resulting from the omission of wear-susceptible components (carbon brushes, commutator, contacts, etc.).
Economic energy management

During lowering of the forks or load, energy is fed back into the forklift's battery (reclamation lowering). Energy is also fed back into the lift truck system during braking (regenerative braking). This reclaimed energy significantly lowers energy consumption.

The advantages are:
  • Doubled energy reclamation through regenerative braking and lowering.
  • Longer operating times on a single battery charge (up to two shifts).
  • Shorter charge times resulting in prolonged battery life.

AC drive control and CAN-Bus make the EFX series of turret trucks user-friendly, application-oriented, economical and reliable.

The advantages are:
  • Individual adjustment of the turret truck to suit the application.
  • All performance parameters can be adjusted.
  • 70% fewer cables and plugs.
Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation System (optional)
  • The EFX can be linked to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) by a radio data terminal or scanner.
  • Direct loading of each destination through the lift truck's computer.
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal positioning.
  • RFID location detection ensures accuracy in reaching correct destinations.
  • High level of flexibility in the warehouse with adaptation to existing WMS.
  • Gain up to 25% higher throughput.
Ergonomics and comfort
The EFX series of turret trucks comes equipped with a wide-range of features to help keep operators comfortable. This includes:
  • Large footwell for easy entry and exit.
  • Unobstructed view of the load and travel route.
  • Cushioned comfort seat that absorbs vibrations.
  • Operating console with adjustable height and distance from the operator.
  • Soft keys with numeric key pad.
  • Ergonomic, single-handed operating lever controls hydraulic functions.
Other standard features
  • AC drive control with CAN-Bus connection.
  • Mirror on overhead load guard for improved visibility when operating the forklift.
  • Wear-free regenerative braking.
  • Spring-loaded parking brake on drive wheel.
  • Hydraulic load wheel brake (wire guided only).
  • Stepless speed control of all 3-phase AC motors for smooth and efficient travel of the forklift.
  • Smooth operation of all hydraulic functions with cushioning at all end stops.
  • Integrated diagnostic system.
  • Removable rear cover for easy access to the forklift's drive and lift components.
  • Removable battery side panels and hinged battery cover for easy access to the lift truck battery.
  • Battery can be removed from either side of the forklift.
Brand: Jungheinrich
Series: VNA
Condition: New
Type: High Rack Stacker
Fuel: Electric
Load Centre: 600 mm

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