Forklift fleet maintenance programme keeping you on track, on time and on task

Fowlers forklift & maintenance management programme ensures that you have the correct solution for every job

Web-Based Wireless System

  • No software loaded onto customer’s PCs or network
  • No on-site infrastructure required
  • Proven system in Australia
How It Works
  • The Fleet connect unit and sensors are installed on the forklifts
  • The unit then communicates with our web server, which the customer has secured access to 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week
  • The Fleet connect software then generates customised reports upon request based on the movements of the forklift and driver interactions
Significant Benefits
  • Greater control of drivers and forklifts
  • Identification and management of fleet utilisation allowing fleet managers to constantly evaluate fleet size and fleet efficiency
  • Improved OH & S and risk management practices through identification of risky actions
  • Introduction and management of dual speed zones.
  • Drivers and forklifts can be restricted/managed through use of a pin code on a key pad or swipe card
  • Specific events can trigger information to be sent immediately or at a predefined time wirelessly
  • Two-way communication capability allows the customer to manage a range of configurations in real time including:
    • Allowing or disallowing driver access
    • Using the onboard LCD display to send and receive
 messages between driver and fleet manager
Typical Reports Generated

  • Driver access abuse report
  • Exceptions report – any event outside normal parameters
  • Start-up check report
  • Impacts report
  • Key hours utilisation
  • Summary report by driver
  • Summary report by forklift

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